Focus topic : Market of Freedom

The Theme of the 25th Lviv International Book Fair and the 13th Lviv International Literature Festival

Freedom, according to one definition, is the absence of obstacles to the behavior desired by an individual. Therefore, the issue of freedom for an individual, a company, or a country are those factors that are determined and declared independently by every subject who strives for freedom.

Life in society prompts us to engage with other people, or groups of people. For a peaceful and productive co-existence, we must express empathy and understand the desires and needs of other people. This interaction creates a marketplace for the requirements of freedom. But the transformation of our individual needs of freedom in response to market conditions may homogenize them, which can then automatically become a constraint.

In focusing on our theme, we want to discuss how every one of us “sells” his or her ideas about freedom under the pressure of circumstances—every time raising or lowering the price. How the price of freedom is determined depends on the terms of trade and the consumer, as well as on speculation on the concepts of freedom actively used in propaganda.

The choice of this year’s theme for the Book Fair is not accidental, as we have for over twenty-five years brought together different people who had different thoughts, triumphs, and challenges. We have provided a platform for interaction and created a venue where people have reconsidered their real desires.

We can not claim that these were positive or negative changes, but we want to draw our visitors’ and participants’ attention to the fact that changes have occurred and continue to happen, and that the marketplace for ideas is indeed working.