Book Forum

The 25th  Book Forum and the 13th International Literature Festival

19-23 September 2018

The Book Forum and International Literature Festival, founded in 1994 and held annually in September, is the primary book event of the country and one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

The goal of the Book Forum is to bring together all those who are interested in developing Ukrainian book publishing, expand cultural and educational offerings to Ukrainians, promote Ukrainian titles, and inspire all those who love to read.

Guests of Honor: Marci Shore, Anne Applebaum
The Focal Topic: Market of Freedom


  • 50,000 visitors
  • 5,000   professionals
  • 2,500   new titles
  • 1,000   events
  • 750      authors
  • 500      volunteers
  • 250      publishing houses
  • 25        discussion streams
  • 25        сountries

Main events:

13th Lviv International Literature Festival

20-23 September 2018
50 locations
25,000 visitors
500 events
25 countries of the world
25 thematic directions

A Night of Poetry and Music NON-STOP

22-23 September
The most visited event of the Book Forum Lviv !

The 25th Lviv Book Fair

19-23 September 2018
50,000 visitors
500 latest releases
250 autograph sessions


1800 publications
750   accredited journalists


Сharity event “The Third Age: The Pleasure of Reading”

20-23 September 2018
12,000 visitors,
Free entry


Lviv Library Forum

18-22 September 2018
Co-organizer: Ukrainian Library Association
250 participants