Lviv Book Fair

The 23rd Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival

The Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival is the largest book event of the country and one of the largest in Eastern Europe – takes place annually in September since 1994.

The Goal: To promote development of the Ukrainian society, increase cultural, intellectual and professional potential of communities and social adaptation of personality through popularizing reading; promotion of Ukrainian literature, creating favorable conditions for interaction between readers and publishers, public presentation of Ukrainian authors from different countries.

The main location of The Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival – Palace of Arts and the court of Potocki Palace. Besides that – we have 60 facilities in down town area.

The Focused Theme of 2016: Beyond the Borders

We actualize this topic in order to simply understand the scope boundaries and to know when they are needed or not. And to say goodbye to what is limiting us.

Main activities:

Lviv Book Fair

Lviv International Literary Festival

Charity event for the elderly «Third Age: The Pleasure of Reading»

Ceremony Book Award: «Best Book Forum 2016»

The Night of Poetry and Music

Lviv Library Forum together with the Ukrainian Library Association

First – Festival «City of Lem»

Key facts about the Lviv Book Fair and International Literature Festival


50 000 expected visitors

32 000 followers in social networks

701 members, including: 363 writers, translators, literary critics, musicians, artists, and journalists

158 publishers, (among them, 22 new participants)

80 bookselling agencies, printing companies, cultural assets

Book Fair

Participants of the fair are more than 200 Ukrainian and foreign publishing organizations, businesses wholesale and retail book trade printing companies, manufacturers and distributors of electronic books, software, audio and video products, stationery products. Also participating are community organizations, literary agencies, associations, cultural centers and foundations. The program includes presentations, autograph sessions, workshops, discussion and debate.

Lviv International Literary Festival

This is one of the biggest literary events of Central and Eastern Europe. This year will be the 11th festival, which will bring together more than 300 writers, poets, artists, translators, literary critics, intellectuals, musicians, filmmakers, theaters of Ukraine and more than 30 different countries. Guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural traditions and contemporary authors from different countries and current trends of the world literary process.

Honorary guest at the 23 Lviv Book Fair and International Literature Festival – Tomas Venclova, who is a writer, translator, literary critic, dissident, and one of the founders of Lithuanian Helsinki Group. He is a professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University (USA).

Star Guest at the 23 Lviv Book Fair and International Literature Festival – Frederick Begbeder. He is one of the most famous contemporary French writers, literary critic, editor, author of  «99 Francs», «Una and Salinger», «Love lasts three years» and «Conversations descendant era».

Special guests at the 23red Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival:

Karl- Markus Gaus (Austria), the famous Austrian writer in the genre of artistic reportage, essayist, editor,

Ilya Kaminsky (USA), poet, nominated for Nobel Prize literature Srdjan Srdych (Serbia), one of the most famous writers of the younger generation of contemporary Serbian literature,

Adam Michnik (Poland) journalist and social activist

David Satter (USA), an American writer and journalist, expert on Russia and the Soviet Union

Witold Shablovsky (Poland) a known reporter and writer,

Al Agami (Uganda – Denmark), poet, rapper, performer, and in addition, an Uganda prince in exile. 

Special Projects within 11 Lviv International Literary Festivals:

«Literature Against Aggression» – ( Coordinator – Ostap Slyvynsky ) «Underground», festival-competition «Young Republic Poets» ( coordinator – Bogdana Neborak), project «Ukrainian Jewish Encounter», Reunification of the New York Group of Poets (coordinators : Olexander – Fraze-Frazenko, Yurko Kucheravyy ), Movie programs, exhibitions and shows.

Special partners within 11 Lviv International Literary Festivals :

Program magazine «SHO», poetry cafe «Meridian Czernowitz», «Utopia» – a platform for the meeting of translators , publishers, writers and cultural managers, «Your Treasure» workshop on copyright in the publishing industry organizer: Ukrainian literary Center, Lviv – city of literature by UNESCO.

 The Young Republic of Poets Contest

The eleventh competition for the Young Republic of Poets has received 244 applications (last year was 166) from different regions of Ukraine. The names of the ten finalists will be released on August 31 at A gala-concert will be held on September 17, at 20:30 in the Museum of Ideas (st. Gross, 18), where the winner will be announced (Coordinator Bogdana Neborak).

Celebrating anniversaries:

180th anniversary of Leopold von Sacher -Masoch. Coordinator – Yurko Prokhasko.

100th anniversary of the death of Ivan Franko project  «Franco without propellants».  Coordinator – Bogdan Tyholoz.

Thematic Forums 2016:

History (Coordinator – Vasyl Kmet), Education (Coordinators – Victoria Bryndza, Lilia Borovets, Mykhajlo Komarnyckyy), Science and Technology (Dmytro Kondratyuk (platform 15 * 4), Ukrainian Visual Book (Coordinators – Pavlo Gudimov, Diana Klochko), Gender (Coordinators: Irina Slavinska, Larisa Denysenko), Art report (Coordinator – Olesia Yaremchuk), Business (Coordinator: Vladimir Glaschenkov), Crimea (Coordinator – Alim Aliyev), Cooking (Coordinator – Oleksiy Petelko), Adventures (Coordinator – Bogdan Logvinenko), Creative industries (Coordinator: Oleg Zhovtanetskyy, Nadiya Chuba), City (Coordinator: Taras Yatsenko).

The Third Age: The Pleasure of Reading

«The Third Age: The Pleasure of Reading», a charity event for the elderly, will occur for the fifth time. The program will have meetings with famous writers and discussions. There will be a gala-concert of the legendary Ukrainian group  «Sisters. Telnyuk» (Lesya and Galya Telnyuk). There will be a Ukrainian competition called «My Bookshelf». Under the terms, participants have to write a story (3,600 letters) about their favorite book or home library.

The Lviv City Council supports this charity event. (Coordinator: Mariana Pavlovska – (067) 583 3006)

For the first time, we have the Festival «City of Lem»

A series of events will be held in honor of the famous science fiction writer, a brilliant intellectual Stanislaw Lem. This is the Polish-Ukrainian cultural initiative of the NGO Publishers’ Forum and organizers of the «Wroclaw 2016 European Capital of Culture» in order to turn the city of Lviv to Lem and Lem to Lviv.

The 23rd Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival Design: Creative Workshop «Agrafka» – Romana Romanyshyn and Andrew Lesiv.

The 23rd Co Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival:

Lviv City Council, Lviv Regional Council, Lviv Regional State Administration, National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Ukrainian Library Association, and the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers.



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