Lviv International Literature Festival

Lviv International Literature Festival

Lviv International Literature Festival have been conducted since 2006 within the framework of the Book Forum

Organizer: NGO Publishers’ Forum

Partnership: Office “Lviv – the city of literature of UNESCO” (from 2016), Versopolis Platform for Creative Europe (December 2017)

Participation in the Festival for the period 2006-2017 is about 1223 authors from Ukraine and international participants from 48 countries

Target audience: authors, publishers, translators, journalists, cultural studies practitioners, intellectuals, active youth.

The Lviv International Literature Festival is the largest literature festival in Ukraine. Artists and intellectuals from Ukraine and abroad are invited to participate in it – the brightest representatives of their national literature.

We try to get utmost out of the city space, to involve some more cities of literature, where many well-known Ukrainian writers and intellectuals were born and lived. That is why the Festival takes place in 40 locations in the historic city center.

The purpose of the festival:

the result of the literature year in Ukraine, the presentation of the brightest authors from abroad, the creation of a full-fledged dialogue between representatives of Ukrainian and foreign literature; dissemination of Ukrainian culture abroad; definition of the main tendencies and directions of development of the world literature process into the Ukrainian context.

Main Aim of the Festival:

  • Creation of a common cultural space for creative exchange between writers
  • Activating relationships between writers, publishers, and book publishers
  • Encouraging translation activities
  • Detection and involvement of young talented creative people
  • Creating a platform for discussions on selected topics: education, science, business, gender, urbanism, artistic reporting, history, travel, cooking, philosophy, creative industries, art, etc.

Lviv International Literature Festival; Figures and Facts:

  • 428 events in the program
  • 542 participants
  •  24 countries
  • 29 foreign software partners
  • 21 Ukrainian software partner
  • 22 thematic directions (clusters and special projects)

Media coverage:

  • 20,000,000 people coverage
  • 1800 publications in the media
  • 750 accredited journalists
  • 50 affiliate media

Program directors of the Litfest: Sofiya Chelyak (2016-…), Hryhoriy Semenchuk (2008-2015), Nelli Klos (2007-2008), Ostap Slyvynsʹkyy (2006-2007).

 Guests of Honor of the Lviv International Literature Festival (2006-2018):

Paulo Coelho (Brazil), Yusten Gorder (Norway), Erlend Law (Norway), Zigmund Baumann (Poland), Thomas Venclova (Lithuania), Frederic Bugdeer (France), Timothy Snyder (USA), Martin Pollack (Austria), Janusz León (Poland), Milenko Ergovich (Bosnia / Croatia), Olga Tokarchuk (Poland), Adam Zagayevsky (Poland), Adam Michnik (Poland), Lyudmila Ulitskaya (Russia), Paolo Giordano (Italy), Janusz Glowacki (Poland-USA) , David Satter (USA), Sergey Plokhii (USA), Vladimir Sorokin (Russia), Viktor Yerofeyev (Russia), Leonidas Donskis (Lithuania), Jeremy Strong (Great Bryania).

Participating countries: Australia, Austria, Aizeberzhan, Brazil, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Great Britain, Armenia, Georgia, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, India, Italy, Spain, Canada, Catalonia, China, Congo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Turkey, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Switzerland , Sweden, Japan.

Special projects of the Festival


  • The “Territory of Freedom” special project – a series of thematic discussion clusters and events reflecting the establishment of democratic values in Ukraine, contributing to this process. Occurs from 2017.
  • Festival of the literature festivals “Context”, aimed at the development of literature management. Occurs from 2012.
  • “Ukrainian Jewish Meeting”, held in 2014 with the support of the same Canadian charitable organization. Coordinator Andriy Pavlyshyn.
  • “The Night of Poetry and Non-Stop Music” is the most visited event of the Litfest, all the night famous foreign and Ukrainian authors read their poetry. It’s taking place from 1996.


  • 2017 – “Culture and Conflict”, organized by the International Renaissance Foundation.
  • 2016 – Festival ” Lem’s City” in honor of the famous science-fiction writer Stanislav Lem from Lviv. Coordinators Iryna Starovoyt ta Halyna Kruk.
  • 2016 – “History of the Other” – public interviews with Ukrainian and foreign authors. The coordinator is poet and translator Ostap Slyvynsʹkyy
  • 2016 – “Literature against aggression” – discussions are devoted to the role of literature in the context of social conflicts. Coordinator Ostap Slyvynsʹkyy  .
  • 2016 – Masoch Festival. Coordinator Yurko Prokhas’ko.
  • 2016 – Franco. The special project devoted to the anniversary of Ivan Franko. Coordinator Bogdan Tycholoz
  • 2015 – “Front and Frontier. Lessons from history “, the discussion of the project is devoted to the Revolution of Dignity and the war in East Ukraine. A special guest of the site was journalist Eliot Akerman (USA).
  • 2014 – Taras Shevchenko Project in Time and Space – to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer.
  • 2014 – Festival of the short story «Intermezzo», devoted to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mykhaylo Kotsyubynsʹkyy .
  • 2014 – The Project of the Century of Change. The Age of Struggle (1914-2014). ” The cycle of events was aimed at showing how society has changed over the last hundred years in the field of culture, religion, social norms.
  • 2012 – Bruno Schulz Festival in Lviv, with the support of the Institute of Book (Poland). Coordinator Andriy Pavlyshyn.
  • 2011 International Translit Translator Forum. Coordinator Ira Leps’ka.
  • 2011 – The cycle of discussions “Lessons of Milos for Ukraine” dedicated to the year of Cheslav Milosh with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Institute of Books (Krakow).

Focus topics of the Festival:

2019 –  Finding the sacrament

2018 – Market of Freedom

2017 – Point of Creation

2016 – Beyond the Borders

2015 – Culture versus propaganda

2014 – A short XX century – a great epoch

2013 – A Woman in a Changing World

2012 – Travels to literature

2011 – Dialogue of civilizations

2010 – Dialogue of generations

2009 – Modern Literature: National vs. Global

2008 – Literature in the era of mass media

2007 – Different Europes, different Literature

2006 – Borders of Europe