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17 Sep

Books, barbells, black metal. Informal meeting with Polish writer Łukasz Orbitowski

Presentation | Тематичний напрямок: Special project "Fantasy" 19:30 - 20:30 Львів, Ринок площа, 32 Театр пива «Правда»


26 Bookforum's special guestPolish writer Łukasz Orbitowski, in dialogue with readers will tell about the literature, peculiarities of life in the suburbs of Polish cities, фтв how black metal and the gym can be connected to writing and what comes out of it.

Everybody who is not indifferent towards modern literature at the intersection of mysticism, horror, psychology and cruel realism, as well as those who love barbells and black metal are invited - it will be interesting!

Relaxed and cozy atmosphere is provided by the Pravda Beer Theater.


(Tuesday) 19:30 - 20:30


Театр пива «Правда»

Львів, Ринок площа, 32