Press/Media Accreditation

Press/Media Accreditation

The role of mass media in the war of civilization against chaos is significant. After all, the power of words affects people's lives and can change them.

BookForum becomes a platform that connects Ukraine with the world's cultural elite. A platform where sharp, uncomfortable and painful topics for Ukraine and the world will be raised.

We are sure that you are also looking for answers to questions about the organization of the tribunal, the punishment of all propagandists and, in general, the future of the European system after the victory of Ukraine.

BookForum will be held offline from October 6 to 9 in the city of Lviv. The event will be attended by the following speakers: Philippe Sands, Peter Pomerantsev, Jonathan Littell, Sevgil Musayeva, Stanislav Aseev, Natalia Gumenyuk etc.

We invite journalists to join the four-day events of BookForum 2022 to report the truth, spread knowledge and counter myths.

Accreditation for the 29th Lviv International BookForum has begun.

For registration and regarding interviews with speakers, write to the e-mail address:

[email protected]