Liudmyla Liakhevych


Ukrainian journalist and host of a talk radio show. Liudmyla Liakhevych was born in Kyiv. From the age of 6 she mastered the piano and vocals. Winner of international competitions, participated in various events (including "Towel of Unity", etc.), charity concerts. In journalism since 2012. The first program was "Everything is music" on Ukrainian radio. Later she took the second place at the International competition "Kalynovy Mosty" (Olsztyn, Poland) in the nomination "One Heart - Two Homelands" for the program "Where there are no borders" about the life of foreign musicians in Ukraine. For some time she worked as a presenter on "Radio Era-Fm", "Radio 24", radio "Promin" and others. Now Liudmyla Liakhevych hosts the morning show "Culture Live" and she authors project "Shtuka" Voices books in the project "Listen" and owns Telegram-channel.