Natalia Durunda

Natalia Durunda is a Ukrainian writer, the author of novels, a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, laureate of the regional award "Debut", literary award named after Fedir Potushniak, multiple laureate of the international literary competition "Koronatsiya Slova". Among the works of the author are works of art about Stalinist repressions, events of the Second World War, Russian aggression in Ukraine. The novel "Behind the Gates of Hell" takes the reader through the pages of the Second World War, which tells about the fate of Ukrainians deported to Nazi Germany for forced labor. The novel "Under the label "OST" is the second book of the trilogy "Behind the gates of hell", which depicts the life of returnees in the post-war period and up to the present day. The books were published in 2023 in the Kyiv publishing house "Lira-K".