Halyna Kruk


Halyna Kruk (1974) is an award-winning poet and prose writer, translator, and scholar from Lviv, Ukraine. She is the author of five books of poetry, An Adult Woman (2017), Co(an)existence (2013), The Face beyond the Photograph (2005), Footprints on Sand and Journeys in Search of a Home (both 1997), collection of short stories Anyone but me (2021), and four books for children. Her Marko Travels Around the World and The Littlest One have been translated into 15 languages. She is a winner of numerous literary awards in Ukraine, among them The Sundara Ramaswamy Prize, The 2023 Women in Arts Award, The 2022 Kovaliv Fund Prize for her proze book Anyone but me, The Best Book Award of BookForum 2021, Smoloskyp Poetry Award, Bohdan Ihor Antonych Prize and “Hranoslov” Award. Her works have been translated into many languages, her latest book of poems A Crash Course in Molotov Cocktails has just appeared in English translation in U.S. Halyna Kruk is a co-creator of multimedia projects, including: a project The BookWar (in collaboration with electronical musician Yurko Yefremov, and ethnic singer Halyna Breslavets (2021)) and the poetry and music performance The Resistance of Matter (2016). She holds a PhD in Ukrainian baroque literature (2001). Halyna Kruk is a member of the Ukrainian PEN. She lives in Lviv and teaches European and Ukrainian baroque literature at the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv.