Small towns: Konrad Janchura (Poland), author of the novel "Smugglers", and Milo Janach (Slovakia), author of the novel "Love, dislike". Conversation with the authors of stories about the life of the provinces

Special project of the art festival Yi
Focus question : Where do you feel safe?

The project is designed to bring together famous modern writers and critics, who in their works describe the concept of a small town, city, homeland, territory, each in its own special authentic way. The project involves authors of poetry books and prose volumes, which have in their heart man and his small space of existence. The project includes the promotion of new writers for the Ukrainian audience, who, however, are of great importance in the circles of their national literature. The project aims to present examples of literary and literary-critical works that depict the complex processes of human self-determination in the modern world of wars, political crises, and epidemics. Europe's past experience is the key to understanding the current situation we all face today.