Meeting with German comic book artist Finne-Ole Heinrich

Literary program
Focus question : Children and young adult literature

The novel "Hands of a Robber" by the German writer Finn-Ole Heinrich is a book about the great power of connections that a person acquires during his life, sometimes even against his will. They are hard to change and very easy to lose when you think they are with you forever. After graduating from school, two friends dare to go on an adventure - go to Istanbul. Samuel hopes to find there his almost unknown father, his own identity, a sense of home that he never had. Yanik, on the other hand, tries to run away from the perfect home, perfect parents, and family comfort. The novel candidly tells about teenage life with all its subtleties and details and gives readers the opportunity to look at themselves from a new angle, feel a part of each of the characters and just enjoy an interesting story. On September 20, at 3 p.m., #teenside resident Kateryna Andriychuk will talk to Finn-Ole Heinrich about teenage literature, the search for a place in the world, and why his novel was so popular with teenagers, even though it wasn't written for them. Turn on phones, tablets, and laptops and join the conversation!