Reading of the play “Escape” (playwright: Yanina Zelenska, director: Yulia Kovalska) and a conversation with the audience, director and actors on the topic “Growing up as a drama” (moderator Bohdan Hrytsiuk)

Focus question : Our vision – our sound

"Escape", the authors of the narratives - students of the School of Magic Theater (Kharkiv), playwright - Yanina Zelenskaya.

What will happen if two people somewhere between 14-15 years old, such beautiful children, meet and decide to break the rules and go on a short but independent journey? Possible options. What kind of age is this? It is no longer pure black and pure white on the outside, most of the choices inside you and these are turns at complex intersections that require you to take into account many colorful criteria. Sometimes there is no time to hesitate, but you just have to… offer, jump, run, confess, remain silent, refuse…