The appearance of the Ukrainian translation of the "Black Book" - an important book event in the context of society, historical memory and culture.

Special project of the Ukrainian-Jewish meeting
Focus question : Do you have the status of a participant in hostilities?
Talk about the long journey to the Ukrainian reader of the banned in the Stalinist and Brezhnev USSR collection of testimonies about the Shoah, collected by a group of writers and journalists led by Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman. Leonid Finberg, editor-in-chief of the publishing house, director of the Center for Studies of the History and Culture of Eastern European Jewry, editor-in-chief, candidate of historical sciences, vice-president of the Ukrainian Association of Judaica, talks about the preparation of the book and its place in the process of forming the historical memory of modern Ukrainians. Serhiy Girik and Tanya Borodina, the final editor, a graduate student of the master's program in Judaism at NaUKMA; moderator Andriy Pavlyshyn