Ditlit's kitchen: appetizing unpacking

Focus question : Children and young adult literature
This year, everyone found themselves in unpredictable circumstances. Quarantine has greatly affected the lives of everyone, including parents and children. Lessons via zoom, constant stay at home, stressful situations due to news, wearing masks and using antiseptics, communicating with family and friends via Skype or other online programs - all this, of course, is etched in the memory. How to talk about it with children, how do children experience it, how to curb children's curiosity by reading books, explain to them what these terrible viruses and bacteria are, how to, despite everything, have fun and keep the mood high, distract attention on something joyful - This is the main focus of this year's children's program at the Publishers' Forum. We will read poetry and prose, learn to draw our fears on paper, reveal our hidden emotions and play like all children. Although it will all happen, unfortunately, online, through the screen. But such a reality has come and we still have to put up with it.