Showcase "Printed literary and artistic periodicals must die"

- A printed literary and art magazine today: an artifact, an archive or a promotional element?

- Who needs printed literary and art magazines in the times of digitalization?

- How do online and analog versions of magazines interact?

Representatives of the Ukrainian media will talk about this on September 17, at 11:30, during the 28th Book Forum:

- Taras Prokopyshyn, CEO of The Ukrainians Media online magazine, co-founder of Reporters

- Vitaliy Lyaska, Editor-in-Chief of the local history multimedia online platform

- Anna Karnaukh, editor-in-chief of Telegraf.Design magazine

- Olesya Pavlyshyn, graduating editor of Kunsht

- Alexander Mimruk, graduating editor of the Chitomo website.

The conversation will be moderated by Oksana Khmelovska, editor-in-chief of Chitomo.

The event will take place within the presentation of the project of the cultural and publishing media "Chitomo" - "Copies of the XX. Literary and artistic periodicals of the twentieth century. Part II ", implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation