Discussion "We are"

Focus question : Our land – our bourders – our infinity

"How to make visible the civilian - Ukrainian patriots of frontline and occupied territories? Why videos and posts about "bad Donetsk" collect thousands of distributions and likes, and about "good"- nobody is interested? Why everyone remembers pro-Russian rallies, but does not see pro-Ukrainian actions of the same period. Why do everyone remember the "Slavic grandmothers" with icons blocking the way to Ukrainian military equipment, but forget the residents of Slovyansk, who were being tortured in the basement of the local SBU for a pro-Ukrainian position?

Captivity and trauma of captivity: how to convey the painful truth about the events in "Isolation", Makeyevka colony and numerous "basements"? Texts about captivity - between truth and re-traumatization of the author and society.

Children who do not know what it is like "when there was no war": how to support, but at the same time avoid additional victimization. "Fishing rod" instead of "fish" - what should it be for children of war?