Discussion "XX Century: The Struggle for Statehood"

This period is characterized by four stages of the struggle for the restoration of Ukraine's independence:

a. Liberation competitions 1917-1920. What is the Ukrainian revolution - is it a separate phenomenon or part of the collapse of the Russian and Austrian empires. Was there a civil war in Ukraine (thesis of Soviet historiography)?

b. World War II. "Whose grandfathers fought"? The role of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Ukrainians in the various armies of the world. Resistance Movement in World War II.

c. The struggle for the restoration of independence. The role and place of Ukrainians in the period of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the beginnings of decommunization, ways to create an independent state and the consciousness of its citizens.

d. War with Russia. The bare nerve of society - the challenges of independence and territorial integrity. A century-old circle that returned to the Liberation War.