New reality – new creativity. Pre-promotion of the anthology "War 2022": diaries, essays, poetry

On February 24, Ukraine was shaken by another act of Russian aggression – a full-scale invasion that changed the lives of not only all Ukrainians but the whole world. The war that brought many losses, grief, fear, as well as a lot of faith and thirst for victory. The war that changed reality, and it was this new reality that gave birth to new creativity – creativity that became not only a way to reflect on the events that occur, but also to show the world the importance of the struggle of Ukrainians for their home, their land, and their independence. These poems, essays, and diaries written by Ukrainian writers over the past six months formed the basis of the anthology "War 2022". The book created jointly with the "New Poland" magazine will soon be published by the "Old Lion Publishing House". We invite you to talk about the book, the texts and emotions in it, and about writing amid the war during the event at the Book Forum.

The event is held in partnership with the PEN club.