Book “The Scariest Days Of My Life” as path from truth from justice

Russia’s strategy is to outdo their previous crimes with even bigger tragedies so that the previous wrongdoings are erased from people’s memories. How to document every story of every tragedy, family, street, and city in a way that nobody can deny it? If truth is to have meaning, it needs to be reunited with justice. How to reunite truth with justice?

“The Scariest Days Of My Life” is a compilation of essays by The Reckoning Project’s reporters about the most severe crimes committed during the first year of Russia’s big war against Ukraine. It is a historic document of itself. Yet The Reckoning Project team doesn’t just document war crimes. Journalists, analysts, lawyers look at the durability and affinity of other Russian crimes, whether it is historical perspective or other countries - Syria, Chechnya…

This conversation is about how justice in Ukraine can fight the impunity around the whole world and prevent future tragedies.

Auditorium for 60 visitors, pre-registration via the link: