Embroidered masks: how do we define written and unwritten dress codes?

Focus theme of the festival
Focus question : Self-determination questionnaire
Break down into impressions that we are worthy to make on others. Identify another at a glance. Any social interaction begins with a "display": the picture we see. Each area of ​​communication has its own ideas about an acceptable or unacceptable image, the success of any communication from the beginning depends on whether we are aware of the agreements on acceptable or unacceptable "bow". Clothes, hair, make-up will tell us something about a person before she speaks for herself. Will they lie or tell the truth? How do dress codes change under the influence of social cataclysms? How do we pump up the skills to form "correct pictures" and consume them correctly? Is it possible to recognize "your person" at first sight? And on the other? Is it necessary?