Presentation of the novel "Pannonian Monster". Conversation with Mykola Shanta, Andriy Lyubka, Yuriy Vynnychuk and Justina Dobush.

Partner : Apriori,
Locations : Radio Garage ,

Presentation of the novel by Mykola Shanta, a representative of the oldest Ukrainian diaspora - Pannonian Rusyn living in the former Yugoslavia. The book presents a panoramic picture of the life of this community in the turbulent XX century; the reader has the opportunity to see the historical background of the wars in the Balkans, to reflect on the question of human dignity, on the fate of a person who did not find himself between two fires of warring nationalisms.

The event will be attended by the author, Mykola Shanta, translator - Andriy Lyubka, guest - Yuriy Vynnychuk. The moderator of the presentation is Justina Dobush.