"You will see a beautiful world": presentation of new books by Oleg Lyshega and a conversation with Taras Pastukh

Presentation of previously unpublished collections of poetry and prose by Oleg Lyshega "Spread Tree" and "Tall Yellow Flowers". Conversation with Taras Pastukh about work on the full body of Oleg Lyshega’s texts, research and arrangement of archives, comprehension of the poet’s figure through criticism and memory.

After his sudden death in 2014, Oleh Lysheha left behind a large collection of unpublished works. In recent years, the efforts of Taras Pastukh and not indifferent connoisseurs of Lyshega's work have published several publications that work differently with his legacy:

a collection of poems "Spread Tree" and a collection of prose "Tall Yellow Flowers", which have not been published anywhere before;

Taras Pastukh's monograph "Bridges of Oleg Lyshega", in which the author reflects on his poetics and philosophical and aesthetic guidelines;

a book of memoirs, photographs and essays from his family, friends and colleagues - “The flame will warm the memory. Memoirs of Oleg Lyshega ”

Taras Pastukh, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Ukrainian Studies named after I. Krypyakevych.